Putting our Puzzles Back Together 

“It’s like my brain is a puzzle and the pieces are scattered all over the place and I don’t know how to put them back together.”

Those are the words my 7 year old, Bella, told me after a little argument over borrowing her sister’s bike. Bella told me her sister just never realized when she was sad, and never offered a helping hand to Bella when she needed a break from running alongside her sister, riding her bike. She just wanted her sister to realize she was hurting and to help her through it. She was waiting for a person to save her from pain, wrap thair arms around her in a hug, and make sure her emotional needs were met. 

I realized that this is how I feel all the time! When I’m frazzled over a deadline, there goes a puzzle piece. When my children are fighting, there goes a puzzle piece. When my husband and I can’t seem to reach an agreement, another puzzle piece gone. Our minds are the puzzles. And we try to put the pieces together ourselves or with the help of friends and family. 

Let me ask you a question; does the puzzle put the puzzle together? 

The answer is simple. No!

  We put puzzles together, an outside source has to do it, a creator

For us, it’s God. God is the one who brings our misaligned pieces back to their home. When we feel scattered and afraid, when we are overwhelmed, when we feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day, we gotta ask for our pieces to be put back together by our Creator.

I told Bella, just remember that prayer is the way we ask God to do this, to put us together. God is the only one who has the ending image of our puzzle next to Him while he solves us. Only He has the picture of the finished project, which is why we cannot rely on other puzzles to solve ours. 

Just as the puzzle cannot put itself back together, another puzzle cannot put a puzzle back together. It is impossible! 

So today, this holiday weekend when you are worried about family events, burning the hamburgers, or something even more serious you may be battling with, remind yourself you are just the puzzle, and you need to ask your Creator to keep solving you ❤


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