My Story


Hello guys and gals, welcome to crazy town.

This is me. My name is Caitlyn and I am a 25 year old mom of three silly kids and in love with my main goofball. I had my first child at 17 years old, my second a year and a half later, and my son 5 years after that. I have grown so much in the last 7 years since graduating high school. I am just a mom working to be involved in my children’s school and social life, I am a semi-new wife still learning how to be there for my husband, and I am also a woman in my twenties trying to find myself. In the process of my growth in the last 7 years,  I found God, I gained new friends, I joined our school PTO as a board member, and I became a Girl Scout troop leader for my girls. I work a part time job, and spend a lot of time doing volunteer work. I wanted to be more involved with my kids lives and be present for them. My goal for this blog is to be the sound off for my life and to be there for those young parents looking for someone who gets what they’re going through. This life I live is far from perfect and honestly, I am ok with that. So, join me on this new journey I’m taking on and laugh at the stupid stuff I rant about. Hopefully it brings a smile to your face.